Engineered Solutions

With more than 70 years experience solving power and test challenges, AMETEK has designed thousands of AC and DC Power and ATE/Functional Test solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. From solar to semiconductor, from mil-aero to manufacturing test, there aren’t many applications we’ve haven’t touched before.

Our expertise is in creating partially or fully integrated solutions that fit your specs and deadlines. We anticipate and avoid many roadblocks by tailoring our design to meet your needs in the following applications:
  • Complex power.
  • Measurement and control.
  • Functional test.
  • Reliability/burn-in.
Put Our Experience Solving Power and Test Challenges to Work for You

Solving power and automated test design tasks that are outside the norm, or beyond your team’s core competency, places undue stress on people, deadlines and deliverables. These assignments truly require specialized knowledge and experience.

We rely on a rigorous and defined project management system with proven processes that control timelines, provide quality verification and certifications and extremely detailed documentation delivered at the end of our engagements. We help manage component obsolescence with functional reviews of existing designs. We solve the most demanding projects faster and for less cost than most internal teams that find these projects outside their routine assignments.

You need a trusted partner, someone who brings the immediate expertise needed and can act as a true extension of your existing engineering team.

Power and Test Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

AMETEK is built on the power management and test technology brands you rely on:

WE offer the world’s broadest offering of signal switching, modular instrumentation, programmable loads and AC/DC power supplies – including megawatt-scale power.

With AMETEK, you can feel confident in our legacy of power and test success in the field.

We commit a dedicated AMETEK project manager to keep your project on schedule and within budget. We provide the FULL range of engineering capabilities you need for a complete engagement:

  • System design and manufacture.
  • Component obsolescence review.
  • Commission of the new system.
  • Training and installation.
  • Complete system warranty.
  • Full documentation and operator manuals.
Our experts bring the added engineering resources to take your next project from struggles to success.

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