SGe Series

Model: SGe Series
Voltage: 10V - 1000V
Current: 5A - 6000A
Power: 4kW - 150kW
Overview: Economical High Power DC Power Supplies
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    Sorensen SGe Series

    Product Overview
    The SGe is an economical, FET based, high switching speed, programmable, dc power supply alternative to SCR and IGBT based dc supplies.

    Most topologies use either a MosFET or IGBT approach within their power stage to execute their power conversion topology. At the same time end users value low output ripple and noise in conjunction with achieving high slew rates. Both IGBT and SCR based designs typically run at much lower switching speeds requiring a larger LC output filter design for similar performance or require degrading ripple and noise performance in order to maintain competitive power densities. The filter design in this case may be balanced to trade off performance of response time with output ripple and noise and densities.

    In contrast, our SGe line leverages the benefits of using high switching speed Mosfets requiring a much smaller output stage LC filter in order to provide competitive output ripple and noise performance and response time without compromising power densities. Available in two control versions, the SGe has basic analog controls, while the SGI provides intelligent control features

    SGe: Real Value - Analog Control
    The SGe, with its outstanding FET based power electronics, is available for customers requiring simple front panel analog controls or external control. With high performance power electronics the SGe provides essential features like 10- turn potentiometers for setting voltage and current, 3½ digit LED readout plus front panel over-voltage protection (OVP) preview/adjustment and reset.

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    SGe : Model Number Description

    Options and Accessories
    Control Options
    A Analog
    I Intelligent
    Input Voltage Options
    C Input Voltage 187 / 242VAC
    D Input Voltage 342 / 440VAC
    E Input Voltage 396 / 528VAC
    Remote Control Options
    0A No Options
    1A IEEE-488.2 + RS-232C (RS-232 comes standard on SGI
    1C Ethernet / RS-232
    1D Isolated Analog Control
    1E Shaft Locks (SGA series only)
    2A Combined Options 1A + !D
    2G Combined Options 1C + 1D
    2H Combined Options 1C+1E (SGA Only)
    2J Combined Options 1D+1E (SGA Only)
    3C Combined Options 1A+1D+1E (SGA Only)
    3G Combined Options 1C+1D+1E (SGA Only)
    Process options
    AA No Options
    AB AB: Certificate of Calibration to ANSI / NCSL Z540-1 (includes Test Data)
    AJ Front panel dust filter - factory installed - 3U unit only
    CV 400Hz AC input @ 208 VAC ( does not carry CE, CSA or UL marks ) ( 6U only ) STD on 3U
    PF Passive power factor correction to 0.9 (Only applicable to 40V, 60V to 800V. Included in 10V-30V and 50V.)
    890-453-03 Paralleling Cable (for up to 5 units, requires one cable per unit placed in parallel)
    K550212-01 3U Rack Slides (for 5kW, 10kW and 15kW models)
    K550213-01 6U Rack Slides (for 20kW, 25kW and 30kW models)
    K550532-01 Front panel dust filter - field installation kit - 3U unit only
    9550589-01 AC input cover - 3U unit only
    5551082-01 Optional AC input cover kit - 3U unit only
    Contact factory for other combinations