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Test Compliance

Compliance Testing Products

A growing number of electronic products manufactured today have to meet international regulatory requirements for emissions and immunity. This is particularly true for products sold in the European community as well as a growing list of countries in the Far East. AMETEK Programmable Power compliance testing solutions measure products for the latest standards.
  • CTS Series 3.2

    Model: CTS Series 3.2 Voltage: 150 - 300 V Current: 0 - 37 A Power: 1250 - 15000VA Overview: IEC Compliance Test Systems: 1250-15000VA Programmable AC & DC Immunity Compliance Testing

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  • MX CTS Series

    Model: MX CTS Voltage: 150 – 300 V Current: 0 – 62.5 A / Phase Power: 30 – 90kVA Overview: Harmonics and Flicker testing of high power AC products

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