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Electronic Loads

AMREL & Sorensen Electronic Loads
Electronic loads have found a variety of applications ranging from power converter testing to current modulation. A large range of power sources can be tested using an electronic load from converters, inverters and UPSs to electrochemical sources such as batteries and fuel cells.

The AMREL brand boasts the award winning eLOAD line of Air and Water-cooled Electronic Loads up to 200kW+, 5000Adc and 1200Vdc ratings and the Sorensen brand offers the SL series electronic loads which provide great value with a flexible platform in a wide range of loads available from 75-1800W with both DC and AC input in benchtop, modular and standalone form factors.
  • AC eLoad - 3091LD

    Model: 3091LD Voltage: 50–350 VRMS Current: 30ARMS Power: 3000–12000 VA Overview: 3000VA Programmable AC Loads

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  • PLA

    Model: PLA Voltage: 10–1200 Vdc Current: 10–1500 Adc Power: 800 W–7.5 kW Overview: Air-cooled programmable DC electronic load

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  • PLW

    Model: PLW Voltage: 60–1200 Vdc Current: 10–5000 Adc Power: 6–250 kW Overview: Water-cooled programmable DC electronic load

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  • SLD DC

    Model: SLD DC Voltage: 60 - 80V Current: 5 - 100A Power: 50 - 500W Overview: Low Power Dual Input programmable Loads

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    Model: SLH AC/DC Voltage: 300 - 500V Current: 4 - 18A Power: 1200 - 1800VA/W Overview: High Power AC + DC programmable

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  • SLH DC

    Model: SLH DC Voltage: 60 - 500V Current: 60 - 360A Power: 600 - 1800W Overview: High Power DC programmable Loads

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    Model: SLM AC/DC Voltage: 60 - 500V Current: 1 - 20A Power: 300VA/W Overview: Single Input AC + DC programmable Loads

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  • SLM DC

    Model: SLM DC Voltage: 60 - 500V Current: 10 - 60A Power: 75 - 300W Overview: Single Input DC programmable Loads

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  • SLM 1 / 4 Chassis

    Model: SLM 1 / 4 Chassis Overview: Mainframe Chassis, Single bay or 4 bay for SLM & SLD Modular loads

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