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ASD Series

Model: ASD Series
Voltage: 40V–60V
Current: 167A–8000A
Power: 10kW–320kW
Overview: Programmable Precision High Power DC Supplies

***Not Recommended for New DesignSee ASD FLX Series***
  • Overview +

    Sorensen ASD Series

    Sorensen ASD Series Overview
    The ASD power supply series with DaVinci Power™ technology represents the next generation of precision programmable AC-DC power conversion.

    The ASD series with its 3U, 30kW water-cooled packaging provides the highest power density available. The ASD power supply is designed for industry leading load transient response with outstanding output ripple and noise. The water-cooling packaging allows for use in environments that normally exclude air-cooled power supplies.

    The ASD power supply series advanced digital architecture, with realtime digital control and Graphical User Interface (GUI), enables many features to better control and monitor your process or application. The optional advanced features package includes a built-in oscilloscope function for measurement and display of: power, voltage, current, output impedance, output cable impedance and output cable voltage drop. The ASD series allows you to program different "fault levels", enabling detection of output cabling, connections or load problems before they cause critical system problems. The ASD can replace your PLC device by closing the loop on an external parameter such as temperature. The ASD's Advanced Diagnostics And Maintenance (ADAMsm) feature includes a flight data recorder feature that lets you access multiple recorded parameters, such as: voltage, current, power, load impedance, faults and input voltage. This allows you to easily determine "why" you had an unexpected outcome.

    The advanced digital monitoring and control features combined with industry leading power density and reliability makes the Sorensen ASD series the power supply of choice for stringent and high value processes and applications.

    Advanced features include
    • Precise programming of voltage and current slew rate for sensitive loads.
    • Modules within one chassis can be connected to different loads and controlled independently.
    • Industrial field bus interface (Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RTU, Ethernet/IP (Industrial Protocol)) enable real-time digital control.
    • Built-in energy meter calculates the delivered energy throughout a process or period of time.
    • Optional real time clock enables accurate timestamping of events.
    • Built in power quality monitoring detects and saves input voltage anomalies which can be saved for later diagnostic analysis.
    • Programmable analog interface scaling facilitates incorporating the ASD to existing systems with minimal effort.
    • Load impedance measurement, including rate-of-change calculations, enable load "state of health" monitoring and implementation of system preventive maintenance algorithms
    • Programmable filter bandwidth of the output voltage, current and power monitors let the user accommodate their response speed to particular needs.
    • Full featured GUI (Graphical User Interface) helps to test and debug the system by communicating with the power supply in real time.
  • Specifications +

    Sorensen ASD Series Specifications
    Voltage Ranges 342VAC to 440VAC (model D). Nominal rating is 380/400VAC.
    432VAC to 528VAC (model E). Nominal rating is 480VAC
    Frequency Rated 47 through 63 Hz
    Efficiency >91% (typical), nominal line, full load.
    Max Current, per phase,
    low line
      400/380Vac 480Vac
    10kW unit (1 module) 21Arms 17Arms
    20kW unit (2 modules) 42Arms 33Arms
    30kW unit (3 modules) 63Arms 50Arms
    Current Inrush 200A Typical
    Power Factor >0.9 @ Full Load and at nominal line
    Brownout Provisions Designed to meet SEMI F47-0706, S3, S8, S14 at nominal input voltages
    Voltage Output 10kW 20kW 30kW Noise (pk-pk) *** Noise (RMS) ***
    40Vdc 250A 500A 750A 150mV 40mV
    60Vdc 167A 334A 501A 150mV 40mV

    (*) Measured at the load terminals, with 1uF in parallel and 6ft of low-inductance load cable with supply operating at full load and nominal input line voltage.
    (**) RMS noise is measured directly across the output terminal with supply operating at full load and nominal input line voltage.
    (***) Value is for 30kW, single voltage models. Other variations may increase value by 2x.

    Sense To compensate load cables voltage drop, units can generate 2% additional voltage at full scale of output voltage.
    Load Regulation (Specified at No load to Full load change, nominal AC input)
    Voltage 0.1% of maximum output voltage/ current
    Current 0.1% of maximum output voltage/ current
    Line Regulation (Specified at ±10% of nominal AC input, constant load)
    Voltage 0.05% of maximum output voltage/ current
    Current 0.05% of maximum output voltage/ current
    Transient Response A 50% step load will recover to within 0.75% of original value within 1mSec
    Stability ±0.05% of set point after 8 hrs. at fixed line, load and temperature. After 30min warm-up.
    Analog Remote Programming
    Voltage Accuracy 0.5% of full scale
    Current Accuracy 1% of full scale
    Power Accuracy 1.5% of full scale
    Voltage Monitoring 0.5% of full scale
    Current Monitoring 1% of full scale
    Power Monitoring 1.5% of full scale
    Programming range 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA
    Output Float Units maybe put in series with the float limit of output terminals must be within ±150V of chassis potential
    Parallel Multiple units can be paralleled to form higher power systems. Chassis control loops are tied together so that resulting higher power systems have the same transient response as a 30kW system. Control commands are only required to be sent to "master" supply. Parallel supplies require a shielded CAT 5 cable (STP) and appropriate output wiring connections by the user.
    Calibration End user calibration is supported. All standard and digital calibration can be performed without removing covers.
    Digital Control (Optional) Ethernet (Modbus-TCP or Ethernet/IP), RS-485 (MODBUS-RTU)
    Analog Control All control signals are isolated from the outputs
    Advanced Digital Features (Requires Optional Digital Control)
    Graphical User Interface Graphical User Interface (Windows based) enables remote control and display of the supply operation including the a dvanced features listed below
    Oscilloscope Function
    (125 Hz)
    Up to two parameters; Voltage, current, output impedance, output cable impedance, output cable voltage drop, power delivered…
    Data logging Programmable update rate of 1 sec to 1000 sec (default 10 sec) with last 1000 points stored. Stored parameters include, output voltage/current, programmed set points, input voltage, output impedance, cable impedance, total power deliver, power meter, internal faults
    System fault reporting Outside of set point, output impedance (detection of cabling, connection or load problems)
      30 kW 20 kW 10 kW
    Width 19.00in (48.3cm) 19.00in (48.3cm) 19.00in (48.3cm)
    Depth 30.00" (76.2 cm) 30.00" (76.2 cm) 30.00" (76.2 cm)
    Height 3U-5.22" rackmount (13.25 cm) 3U-5.22" rackmount (13.25 cm)
    Weight ≤125 lbs (56.69 kg) ≤125 lbs (56.69 kg) ≤125 lbs (56.69 kg)
    Shipping Weight Contact factory for more product & shipping weights
    Mounting provisions EIA rack-mount with slide provisions. Recommended rack slide: Jonathan slide, P/N 370EZ-28
    AC Input Connector Phoenix Contact terminal block
    Protective Ground 1/4-20 stud
    Output Connectors bus bars with 3/8-16 inserted PEM nuts
    Water Connections 3/8-18 NPTF hex bulkhead
    Ambient Temperature 0 to 50ºC
    Humidity Relative humidity up to 95%, non-condensing
    Water cooling specifications
    Flow 1.5 gpm nominal, 1.25gpm minimum, 1.75gpm maximum. Internal condensation must be prevented by ensuring that the temperature of the coolant is sufficiently high compared with the ambient air dew point
    Temperature 25ºC nominal, 20ºC minimum, 30ºC maximum
    Maximum pressure 80 PSI
    Pressure drop typical 12 PSI @ 1.5gpm per chassis
    Certified to UL/CSA 61010 and IEC/EN 61010-1 by a NRTL, CE Compliant, LVD Categories: Installation Category II: Pollution Degree 2; Class II Equipment: for Indoor Use Only. Rack mount equipment requires proper enclosure provided in end use. EMC Directive, EN 61326:1998
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