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XPL Series

Model: XPL Series
Voltage: 18V - 56V
Current: 1A - 3A
Power:30W - 125W
Overview: Economical and compact benchtop power supply
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    XPL Series
    The Sorensen XPL series has been designed to meet the need for compact power supply at a reasonable price. The XPL series provides 30 to 125 watts of programmable linear DC power. The XPL is a compact, high performance low cost power supply suited for benchtop applications.

    The XPL Series uses linear regulation for high performance. The XPL Series features excellent line and load regulation with low noise and good transient response. The XPL Series is available in a single, dual and triple output for benchtop use

    The XPL dual output model has two independent and isolated outputs each with a 0 to 30V, 0 to 2A capability and its own on–off switch. The outputs can be wired in either series or parallel to provide voltages up to 60 volts or currents up to 4 amps. All outputs are instrinsically short circuit proof, and are protected against external voltages and reverse currents. The XPL triple output model has the same features as the dual output model with an additional switchable fixed output of 3.3V and 5V.

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    XPL Series Specifications
    Output: Voltage and Current
    Model Output Voltage Output Current Output Power
    XPL 18-3 0-18 V 0-3.3 A 60 W
    XPL 30-1 0-30 V 0-1 A 30 W
    XPL 30-2 0-30 V 0-2 A 60 W
    XPL 30-2D 0-30 V 0-2 A 120 W
    XPL 30-2T 0-30 V 0-2 A 125 W
    XPL 56-1 0-56 V 0-1.1 A 60 W
    Feature Description
    Operating Mode Constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over and indication
    Voltage Setting By coarse and fine controls
    Current Setting By single logarithmic control
    Line Regulation < 0.01% of max. output for a 10% line voltage change
    Load Regulation < 0.01% of max. output for a 90% load change
    Output Impedance Typically < 5 mΩ in constant voltge mode. Typically > 50 kΩ in constant current mode
    Ripple & Noise (20 MHz) Typically < 1 mVrms (CV mode)
    Transient Response < 20 μs to within 50 mV of set level for 90% load change
    Temperature Coefficient Typically < 100 ppm/°C
    Output Protection Outputs will withstand forward voltages of up to 20 V above the rated output voltage. Reverse protection by diode clamp
    for current up to 3 A.
    Status Indication Ouptut ON lamps. Constant current mode lamps
    Output Switch Electronic. Preset voltage and current displayed when output is off
    Output Terminals 4 mm terminals on 19 mm (0.75”) pitch
    Meter Resolutions 100 mV, 10 mA
    Meter Accuracy Voltage 0.3% ±1 digit
    Meter Accuracy Current 0.6% ±1 digit
    AC Input 115 V or 230 Vac ±10% (adjustable internally, option HV for factory set 230 Vac input) Installation Category ll
    Power Consumption 85 VA (XPL 30-1)
    160 VA (XPL 30-2, XPL 18-3, XPL 56-1)
    320 VA (XPL 30-2D, XPL 30-2T)
    Operating Range 5 to 40°C , 20% to 80% RH
    Storage Range - 40 to 70°C
    Environmental Indoor use at altitudes to 2000 m, Pollution Degree 2
    Cooling Silent fan-less convection cooling
    Safety Complies with EN61010-1
    EMC Complies with EN61326
    (H x W x D)
    6.3 x 5.5 x 11.6” (160 x 140 x 295 mm) (XPL 30-1, XPL30-2, XPL 18-3, XPL 56-1)
    6.3 x 10.2 x 11.6” (160 x 260 x 295 mm) (XPL 30-2D, XPL 30-2T)
    Weight 7.5 lb (3.4 kg) (XPL 30-1)
    9.7 lb (4.4 kg) (XPL30-2, XPL 18-3 XPL 56-1)
    16.5 lb (7.5 kg) (XPL 30-2D, XPL 30-2T)
    Approvals CE-marked units meet: EN61010-1 and EN61326
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    HV (Input Voltage Option) 230 VAC input factory set