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XBT Series

Model: XBT Series
Voltage: 15V - 32V
Current: 3A - 5A
Power: 0 - 222W
Overview: True triple output digital benchtop power supply

End of Life (EOL) December 2020. Product no longer available. Please see replacement product, XDL Series.
  • Overview +

    Sorensen XBT Series
    The Sorensen XBT32-3FTP adds to the capability of the Sorensen benchtop product line with a 16-bit triple output supply. Channels 1 and 2 can be programmed 0-32V and 0-3A each. The third output is fully programmable 0-15V, 0-5A up to a maximum of 30W. Channels 1 and 2 can be configured for tracking, parallel or series operation to, in effect, provide the equivalent of 6 different power supplies. In isolated mode, each of the 3 outputs functions independently; in tracking mode, channels 1 and 2 provide the same, but isolated output; in parallel mode, there is one 0-32V/0-6A output and one 0-15V/0-5A/30W output; in series mode, there is one 0-64V/0-3A output and one 0-15V/0-5A/30W output.

    Safety of devices under test is paramount. The Sorensen XBT series of power supplies provides superior device protection. Each output is fully isolated with voltage/current preview before turning on the output. Built-in switches, in addition to enabling the preview mode, can configure the outputs for parallel or series connection while graphics on the front panel show the user where to make connections.

    Advanced engineering features include storage of 100 different setups (voltage and current) as well as a 100 hour timer. Power- on state and synchronous or individual control of each channel output can also be set. Over-voltage and over-current protection is programmed for each channel.

    Computer control is easily accomplished through industry-standard SCPI commands via the USB or RS-232C interfaces which come standard on every unit. The GPIB / Ethernet interface option allows 3 low power channels in a half-rack for ATE applications. This option also includes an 8-bit digital I/O which can be set as input or output signals for programming.

    Key Features
    • Fully programmable 3rd output 15V/5A/30W
    • High resolution, 16-bit programming and readback
    • Isolated, tracking, parallel or series operation
    • 100 hour timer
    • USB Standard
  • Specifications +

    Sorensen XBT Series : Specifications
    Output Ratings
    Model Channel 1 and 2 Channel 3
    Voltage (VDC) 0-32 0-15
    Current (ADC) 0-3 0-5
    Power (W) 96 30
      Channel 1 and 2 Channel 3
    Voltage Setting and Readback
    Accuracy 0.01% + 5mV
    Amplitude Resolution 1mV 1mV
    Current Setting and Readback
    Accuracy 0.01% + 3mA 0.01% + 3mA
    Resolution 100 µA 100 µA
    Voltage Ripple 0.5 mVRMS 1 mVRMS
    Voltage Noise 5 mVpp 20 mVpp
    Current Ripple 1mA 5mARMS
    Load Regulation
    Accuracy 0.01% + 2mA 5mA
    Resolution 0.01% + 300 µA
    Line Regulation
    Accuracy 0.01% + 2mV
    Resolution 0.01% + 300 µA
    Stability (8 hours, constant load and temperature)
    Voltage 0.02% + 2mV
    Current 0.01% + 1mA
    Temperature Coefficient (per C)
    Voltage 0.01% + 3mV
    Current 0.02% + 2mA
    Transient Response 50µS
    Voltage Programming Time (typical)
    Rise Time (Full Load) 1ms 3ms
    Rise Time (No Load) 1ms 3ms
    Fall Time (Full Load) 3ms 8ms
    Fall Time (No Load) 250ms 250ms
    Memory Storage 100 setups
    Timer 1 second to 100 hours
    Regulatory Compliance cETLus (ANSI/UL61010-1-04, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1-04)
    AC Input 115 / 230 VAC 10%, 47-63Hz

    5.3” (216 mm) H x
    8.5” (135 mm) W x
    17” (432 mm) D

    Weight 14.3 lbs. (6.5 kg)
    Operating Temperature

    0 to 40 C

    Storage Temperature -10 to +70 C
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    Sorensen XT Series Diagram

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    PDF XT Diagram (185KB)
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    Options and Accessories
    M139 IEEE488.2 and Ethernet control interfaces
    MHV Setup for 230V 10% AC Input
    RM-XBT Rack mount kit for XBT Series power supplies