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In the fast-moving semiconductor market, AMETEK VTI and Programmable Power provide a wide range of solutions for electronics, appliances & semiconductor testing. AMETEK VTI and Programmable Power are the logical choices for your test application where reliability and long life are required. Our solutions will surpass your expectations whether you want to improve the quality and performance of your measurements, increase the speed of your production throughput, or provide long-term support for your most critical components.

High test throughput and high-quality signal routing

Whether end-of-line testing for electronic modules or base station thermal monitoring, AMETEK VTI specializes in high-performance switching modules to improve signal fidelity. Signal routing is at the heart of our test philosophy as evidenced by our award-winning switching and instrumentation families in our CreatEX line of automated test.

Programmable Power power sources provide high-power, low-noise supplies to meet just about any semiconductor test need. Excellent regulation and low-noise output mean that you can worry about the product your testing, not the power supplies.

Performance and modularity are emphasized across industry standard platforms such as VXI, VME, LXI and PXI to ensure the right equipment is available to best meet any requirement.

Reconfigurability and reusabilty mean lowest cost of ownership over system lifetime

Our cost-effective products are easily expandable as your test requirements increase. Modular, high-density scalable solutions help you reduce costly floor space (particularly in contract manufacturing) and maximize your system performance and flexibility.

Intelligent switching: COTS solutions for RF applications

The AMETEK VTI EX7000 range of RF interface units are specifically designed for cellular, wireless, radar, or other high-frequency (up to 40 GHz) applications. Microwave signal distribution and conditioning systems can be ordered as COTS products or customized for complex test systems using a custom development kit designed to save significant development time.

VTI delivers solutions for the most quality branded and mission critical applications worldwide. Our focus on data integrity and reliability has made VTI an essential component for automated testing worldwide.

Off-the-shelf or custom solutions

AMETEK Programmable Power offers a wide range of off-the-shelf or custom solutions for semiconductor test and manufacturing. For burn-in test, for example, we offer the Sorensen SG Series and the Sorensen XG Series. These power supplies are used at all levels of power to simulate electrical conditions, natural and man-made, to ensure a product will perform as designed under such conditions.

AMETEK VTI and Programmable Power are excellent choices for this diverse and challenging industry. Our products are used many different applications, including:

  • Appliance test & design
  • White goods manufacturing
  • Semiconductor process monitoring
  • Electronic component manufacture
  • Clean room environment monitoring
  • Anechoic chamber
  • Semiconductor (PCB) testing & monitoring
  • Cellular base station monitor
  • Voice & data sub-switching
  • Medical devices - pacemakers, ultrasound
  • Wireless communications - Bluetooth, WIFI, routers
  • PDA & computer testing
  • Solder joint testing