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In addition to providing powerful industrial test and measurement solutions, AMETEK VTI Instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power are proud to partner with many educational institutions. We strongly believe that academic and industry partnerships can help solve current world challenges by:

  • Preparing students for a career in industry
  • Providing state of the art tools and cutting-edge technologies to research centers
  • Packaging and marketing university developed products and IP by our worldwide network
  • Enabling collaborations between universities internationally and also Industry


Our partnerships with leading engineering schools and universities have resulted in the definition of industry focused curriculum that prepares students with real world problem solving techniques and experience. Laboratory use of industry de-facto standard instrumentation and software solutions develop confidence in a wide range of application areas including modal analysis, acoustics, vibration, structural fatigue, condition and health monitoring, general measurement techniques and best practices, as well as electronic test.

  • University of Cincinnati
  • NIAR
  • Cal Poly Aerospace
  • Korea Aerospace Institute
  • UCLA
  • Lawrence Livermore
  • University of Texas
  • University of Michigan
  • Purdue University
  • UT Applied Research
  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • Indian Institute of Science


Our partnerships with educational institutions provide the tools necessary to train young engineers with the skills and knowledge to be productive employees in industry. These educational centers of excellence also provide educational institutions with a valuable source of revenue when teamed up with industry, helping to solve today’s problems and develop tomorrows solutions.

Students who have been trained using the latest techniques on AMETEK VTI Instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power instrumentation and power sources garner skills that make them highly regarded in industry. Many of the university students have become leaders in industry at locations like NASA, BMW, Ford Motor Company, and many more, leveraging the skills and experience gained at the university.


The collaborative relationships we have established with universities and research institutions around the globe focus on meeting both present and emerging test challenges. We are committed to making an ongoing contribution to academia by stimulating education and research in areas of importance to the next generation of engineers.

AMETEK VTI Instruments has developed a series of academic engineering suites specifically targeting college and university engineering educators, researchers, and students. These integrated hardware and software materials and training suites have been carefully developed to:

  • Aid university lecturers in teaching labs
  • Provide students with early exposure to industry de-facto standard instruments and software
  • Aid institutional Research and Development and Innovation projects

The following suites are currently available:

  • Advanced Electronic Automation Suite
  • Advanced Physical Measurement and Analysis Suite
  • Advanced Structural Dynamics Test Suite
  • Advanced Embedded Design and Data Analysis Suite
  • Practical RF and Communications Suite