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  • Up to 12 channels per single VXIbus C-size slot
  • Message or register-based control
  • Several resistance ranges from 0 ohm to 16M ohm
  • On-board scan lists and triggering
  • Four modes of operation
  • Ideal for RTD or other sensor simulation
  • SCPI compatible
  • VXIplug&play drivers

    The VM7004 provides four independent channels of programmable resistors. It is designed for applications such as sensor simulation, process control, and ATE calibration. Three VM7004s can be accommodated in a single C-size card slot, giving the user up to 12 independent channels in a very small footprint.

    The VM7004 is part of the VMIP™ family of instruments and can be combined with up to two other modules to form a high-density VXIbus instrument that fully utilizes the capabilities of the VMIP™. For example, when combined with the VM2716A Scanning Voltmeter, current measurements can be made.

    Each resistance channel has a four-wire connection which eliminates connector and wiring resistance from critical measurements, maintaining the high accuracy of the VM7004. A four-wire monitor bus is provided giving access to any one of the four resistors at a single port. This feature can be used for station calibration and self-test, allowing the test station to make a four-wire resistance measurement of the programmed value. The monitor bus can also be paralleled across a large number of VM7004s, eliminating the need to add multiplexer switching to measure the resistors.


    Part number/model number Description
    EX1200-7600 5W Programmable Resistor Ladder