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  • Four independent channels per VM6068 (up to 12 per C-size card)
  • 5M baud data rates
  • Software programmable interface standards: RS-232, RS-422, RS-449, RS-485, V.35 & EIA-530
  • Up to 4Mbytes of buffer per four channels
  • Supports UART and HDLC/SDLC protocols
  • SCPI Compatible
  • VXIplug&play Drivers

    The VM6068 is a high-performance serial interface card that can be configured to support many serial interfaces, and not just the traditionally supported UART. It is a message-based instrument which has a SCPI-compatible command set and VXIplug&play drivers for ease of use. In order to support high data throughput, the VM6068 provides a large amount of memory, along with register-based data access.

    Each VM6068 has four serial interfaces that can be configured independently to implement different protocols. The instrument can be configured programmatically – it does not need to be opened, and there are no switches to set for a given configuration, making it one of the most flexible serial interfaces on the market.

    VM6068 is a member of the VXI Modular Instrumentation Platform (VMIP™) family and can be made available as a four, eight, or twelve channel, single-wide VXIbus instrument. In addition to these three standard configurations, it can be combined with any of the other members of the VMIP™ family to form a highly integrated instrument.


    Part number/model number Description
    EX1200-7500 64 -Channel, 2 Mhz, Digital I/O