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  • Up to 48 differential channels per single VXIbus C-size slot
  • Message or register-based data access
  • Inputs can be masked, inverted and combined produce interrupts
  • Programmable debounce circuitry prevents erroneous readings
  • ±1.0V, ±2.5V, ±10.0V, ±25.0V, ±100.0V and ±250.0V input ranges
  • SCPI compatible
  • VXIplug&play drivers

    The VM4018 is a high-performance analog comparator module with sixteen input channels per VMIP™ daughter module.

    Each input channel can be programmed for the following ranges: ±1 V, ±2.5 V, ±10 V, ±25 V, ±100 V, and ±250 V. Each input is compared against a reference voltage derived from an independent 12-bit DAC. The VM4018 is an ideal device in go/no-go testing where a device fails if the voltage outputs exceed a threshold or window, or even in control applications if a device or test needs to be shut down if a voltage level is exceeded. Using an analog comparator/interrupter in certain applications, as opposed to a traditional DMM/switch approach, considerably improves the overall throughput of the test, while substantially reducing cost. Each input signal is digitally debounced for a programmed time ranging from approximately 12.8 µs to 0.42 s. This prevents input signal noise from causing undesired interrupts.

    The VM4018 is part of the VMIP™ family of instruments and can be combined with up to two other modules to form a high-density VXIbus instrument that fully utilizes the capabilities of the VMIP™. For example, when combined with the VM1602 Time Stamp, all analog interrupts can be time stamped.


    Part number/model number Description
    VM4016 16-Channel Analog Comparator and Interrupt Generator