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  • Up to 48 differential channels per single VXIbus C-size slot
  • Message or register-based data access
  • Inputs can be masked, inverted and combined to produce interrupts
  • Programmable debounce circuitry prevents erroneous readings
  • ±10 V and ±100 V input ranges
  • SCPI compatible
  • VXIplug&play drivers

    The VM4016 has 16 true differential channels of analog comparator input that can be selected to provide a VXIbus interrupt or front panel interrupt when the input goes outside the software programmed bounds. The VM4016 is an ideal device in go/no-go testing where a device fails if the voltage outputs exceed a threshold or window, or even in control applications if a device or test needs to be shut down if a voltage level is exceeded. Using an analog comparator/interrupter in certain applications, as opposed to a traditional DMM/switch approach considerably improves the overall throughput of the test, while substantially reducing cost.

    Inputs are independently software programmable, permitting the user to vary inputs per channel without removing the card and setting switches or jumpers. Each input signal is also digitally debounced for a programmed time ranging from 10 µs to 0.6 s, preventing input signal noise from causing undesired interrupts.

    The VM4016 is part of the VMIP™ family of instruments and can be combined with up to two other modules to form a high-density VXIbus instrument that fully utilizes the capabilities of the VMIP™. For example, when combined with the VM1602 Time Stamp, all analog interrupts can be time stamped.


    Part number/model number Description
    VM4018 16-Channel Precision Analog Comparator and Interrupt Generator