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  • Up to 50 MSa/s sampling with 12-bit resolution
  • Programmable output filters
  • Designed for multi-channel applications
  • Up to three independent channels per C-size card
  • SCPI and VXIplug&play compatible
  • Built-in functions: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Noise waveforms, Cardiac, plus more
  • External modulation (Amplitude, FSK, PSK)
  • Sleep mode for portable applications

    The VM3640A is a high-performance VXIbus arbitrary waveform generator that is ideal for applications requiring standard function generator capability, or the need to generate custom-defined waveforms. Direct digital synthesis is used to provide outstanding functionality, with standard sine and square waves available to 20 MHz.

    A powerful feature of the VM3640A is that it is part of the VMIP™ family of VXIbus products. This gives the user the added flexibility of combining the VM3640A with two additional VM3640As, providing a multi-channel arbitrary waveform generator. The VM3640A can also be combined with other instruments, such as digital Multimeter, digitizers or counters, to create a multi-function, C-size card.


    Part number/model number Description
    VM3616A      16-channel, 16-bit DAC/Waveform Generator
    VM3618 8-Channel Isolated 16-bit D/A
    VM3608A 8-channel, 16-bit DAC/Waveform Generator