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  • (2) 1x38, 2-wire multiplexer, fully configurable
  • High density 300V/2A multiplexer
  • Instrument Grade performance, 34 MHz bandwidth and -70 dB crosstalk at 100 kHz maximizes signal integrity and allows precision measurement of signals
  • Internal capacitive discharge relays keep high voltages from disturbing sensitive measurement points
  • 160-pin DIN connector for easy connectivity
  • Available Option: Add discharge relays to eliminate capacitive charges in the signal path which reduce test delay and improve accuracy of high impedance instruments. Add “DS” to model number to include.

    The SMX-3276, 3U PXIe high-density multiplexer modules designed for scanning of multiple points to a common bus, in 1, 2, or 4-wire configurations. The SMX-3276 consists of two individual (1 x 76) 1-wire, or two (1x38) 2-wire multiplexers or one 1x76 2-wire mux, that can be interconnected under program control (via bussing relays) to configure larger multiplexers as required. This eliminates external wiring and helps reduce unterminated stubs.

    The SMX-3276 has an internal residual voltage discharge relays which can be enabled to momentarily short out the measurement path when changing from one input channel to the next. This dissipates any voltage held by the wiring and instrument input capacitance and protects sensitive devices, such as CMOS circuits, from residual voltages caused by previous high-voltage measurements. This feature can also be disabled in low-voltage applications where maximum throughput speed is important.

    The SMX-3276 incorporates extensive signal shielding and exposes shield pins on the front panel connector for tying to the cable shield. This preserves signal integrity throughout the signal path by maintaining the signals at the same reference level as the UUT. In addition, meticulous signal routing is done for impedance matching, signal shielding and cross talk reduction, allowing the SMX-3276 to achieve best in class switching performance with a bandwidth of > 30 MHz. This performance allows the card to be used with high frequency signals, and signals that have fast rise times and narrow pulse widths.

    Model P/N Configuration
    SMX-3005 70-0409-127 (1) 1x64, 2-wire multiplexer, fixed
    SMX-3006 70-0409-128 (1) 1x128, 1-wire multiplexer, fixed
    SMX-3007 70-0409-129 (2) 1x64, 1-wire multiplexer, fixed
    SMX-3004 70-0409-126 (2) 1x32, 2-wire multiplexer, fixed
    SMX-3276 70-0409-009 (2) 1x38, 2-wire multiplexer, fully configurable
    SMX-3277 70-0409-103 (2) 1x76, 1-wire multiplexer, fully configurable
    SMX-3278 70-0409-104 (1) 1x76, 1-wire multiplexer, fully configurable
    SMX-3279 70-0409-105 (1) 1x76, 2-wire multiplexer, fully configurable
    SMX-3003 70-0409-125 (4) 1x16, 2-wire multiplexer, fixed
    SMX-3001 70-0409-123 (8) 1x8, 2-wire multiplexer, fully configurable
    SMX-3002 70-0409-124 (8) 1x8, 2-wire multiplexer, fixed
    SMX-4410 70-0409-108 (4) 4x10, 2-wire, fully configurable
    SMX-4411 70-0409-200 (4) 4x10 2-wire Matrices
    SMX-4412 70-0409-201 (2) 4x20 2-wire Matrices
    SMX-4413 70-0409-202 (1) 4x40 2-wire Matrices
    SMX-4414 70-0409-203 (2) 8x10 2-wire Matrices
    General Purpose
    SMX-2002 70-0409-107 (10) SPDT
    SMX-5001 70-0409-110 (80) SPST/Form A
    SMX-5002 70-0409-118 (50)SPDT/Form C
    RF Multiplexer - 50 Ohm
    SMX-6101 70-0409-140 (10) 1X4 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6101-SMB 70-0409-150 (10) 1X4 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6111 70-0409-144 (5) 1X4 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6111-SMB 70-0409-154 (5) 1X4 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6106 70-0409-143 (2) 1X16 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6106-SMB 70-0409-153 (2) 1X16 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6116 70-0409-146 (1) 1X16 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6116-SMB 70-0409-156 (1) 1X16 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6105 70-0409-142 (4) 1X8 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6105-SMB 70-0409-152 (4) 1X8 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6115 70-0409-145 (2) 1X8 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6115-SMB 70-0409-155 (2) 1X8 COAX MUXES
    SMX-6103 70-0409-141 (1) 1X32 COAX MUX
    SMX-6103-SMB 70-0409-151 (1) 1X32 COAX MUX
    RF Matrix - 50 Ohm
    SMX-6144 70-0409-147 (1) 4X4 COAX MATRIX
    SMX-6144-SMB 70-0409-157 (1) 4X4 COAX MATRIX
    SMX-7121 70-0409-517R Single Slot Microwave Carrier with (1) SPDT 26.5 GHz switch
    SMX-7122 70-0409-518R Single Slot Microwave Carrier with (2) SPDT 26.5 GHz switches
    SMX-7241 70-0409-519R Dual Slot Microwave Carrier with (1) SP4T 26.5 GHz switch
    SMX-7242 70-0409-520R Dual Slot Microwave Carrier with (2) SP4T 26.5 GHz switches
    SMX-7243 70-0409-521R Dual Slot Microwave Carrier with (3) SP4T 26.5 GHz switches
    SMX-7261 70-0409-522R Dual Slot Microwave Carrier with (1) SP6T 26.5 GHz switch
    SMX-7262 70-0409-523R Dual Slot Microwave Carrier with (2) SP6T 26.5 GHz switches
    SMX-7263 70-0409-524R Dual Slot Microwave Carrier with (3) SP6T 26.5 GHz switches
    SMX-7100 70-0409-109R Single Slot Microwave Switch carrier w/relay driver
    SMX-7200 70-0409-117R Dual Slot Microwave Switch carrier w/relay driver
    SMXR-7200 70-0146-026 Pass Through Adapter, 6 drive lines
    SMXR-7202 70-0146-020 (1) 26.5 GHz SPDT Relay
    SMXR-7204 70-0146-021 (1) 26.5 GHz SP4T Relay
    SMXR-7206 70-0146-022 (1) 26.5 GHz SP6T Relay
    SMXR-7222 70-0146-023 (1) 26.5 GHz Transfer Switch