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PXI Express Data Acquisition Platform

PXI Express

PXI Express is the fastest data acquisition platform currently available with unmatched bandwidths in excess of 1 GB/s and latencies less than 1 µs. This makes PXI Express-based data acquisition systems ideal for data intensive applications like high-speed digitization, signal-generation, and communication interfaces where high sample rates and channel counts could choke other interfaces.

PXI/PXIe Products

PXI Instruments/Chassis

PXI Express provides faster throughput and since it is based on PCI Express, it is more resistant to obsolescence compared to its PXI predecessor. All of our new development is based on PXI Express to ensure long-term viability of our products.

PXIe Chassis

At VTI, we manufacture chassis that are compatible with all PXI Express and PXI hybrid cards. Our products are easily scaled from tabletop size to many rack units, and many of our PXI Express chassis can handle data speeds up to 8 GB/s.

PXIe Subsystems

Because of their large amount of available bandwidth, our PXI Express subsystems cover applications including PXI Express signal generators, PXI Express signal switching devices (handling signals from DC up to 26.5GHz), PXIe digitizers, and other applications.

VTI PXI Advantages


VTI is the first choice for mission critical applications or applications where the cost of test is high and failure is not an option. Applications include missile system testing and solid rocket motor testing. This is because our products are recognized in the industry for their reliability and are designed with built-in capabilities to maximize measurement confidence. Simply put, if you need equipment that is going to give you the results you need, contact us to get started.


Customers expect the test systems to last at least as long as the products they test. This can especially be a challenge in the aerospace and defense industries where products typically last more than a decade. This is why every VTI product is designed to minimize obsolescence risks and guarantee long-term support.

For our PXIe chassis and PXIe subsystems in particular, we ensure that our equipment is resistant to obsolescence by utilizing system-on-chip (SoC) architectures. We don’t have to be dependent on the continuing availability of controller chips from other manufacturers.

Precision and Performance

VTI's strength is in hardware and our products are designed to maximize accuracy, precision, and performance. The types of industries that utilize our products reflect this. Our data acquisition systems are used in applications such as jet engine testing, aircraft structural testing, and satellite testing.

Hybrid Test System Support

Test systems often leverage the strengths of multiple instrumentation platforms in order to arrive at the best performing or most cost-effective solution. VTI's PXI Express products are uniquely designed to simplify integration with other platforms.

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