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ExLab – Full Featured, Turn-Key Data Acquisition Software

  • Intuitive, icon-based setup and control
  • Spreadsheet-style channel configuration
  • Snapshot display with data export
  • Independent sampling rates for each instrument
  • Real-time online graphical data analysis
  • Client / server architecture with multiple displays
  • Synchronization of different data sources
  • Detect/process events for close-loop control
  • Post-acquisition analysis methods and data playback
  • Easily create Virtual/Calculated channels based on physical channel data

    EXLab-based systems are a combination of robust, turnkey software and precision instrumentation designed to solve your toughest problems in verifying designs of electro-mechanical products. Combining analog, digital, and counter measurements in a single system reduces integration and startup time. If your measurements include acoustic, vibration, temperature, pressure, strain, voltage, digital states, rpm or other transducer-based parameters, and you’re feeling the pressure of time, then an EXLab-based system is the right solution for you.
    • High Speed Data Acquisition
    • General Purpose Data Logging
    • HALT / HASS Product Evaluation
    • Engine Test Cell Acquisition
    • Structural Testing
    • Process and Plant Monitoring
    • Performance and Event Monitoring 
    EXLab Data Acquisition Software Suite delivers reliable data, first time, every time ensuring critical test data is never compromised. This intuitive icon-based tool simplifies instrument configuration, acquisition and data display without sacrificing functionality or performance.

    A wide range of flexible displays, channel groupings, and runtime alarms can be mixed and matched for clearly identifiable data management and analysis, providing a real-time picture of test results and conditions. Extensive post processing tools, including FFT and power spectral density analysis, cursor and marker control, seamless zooming, report capture, and open data export capability enables complete acquisition, control and analysis in one easy to use package.

    Whether performing dynamic measurement, structural fatigue/strain measurements, or precision temperature measurements, EXLab offers full featured capabilities for each application space.

    Part number/model number Description
    EMX-4350 4 Channel, 24-bit A/D up to 625 kSa/s, NVH/DSA/Acceleration
    EMX-4380 4 Channel, 625 kSa/s, 24-bit DSA Instr, Charge, IEPE and Voltage
    EMX-4250/4251 16 Channel/8 Channel, 24-bit A/D up to 204 kSa/s, NVH/DSA/Acceleration
    EMX-1434 4 Channel, 192 kSa/s synchronized DSA source with integrated tach and DIO
    EX1000A-TC 48-Channel Precision Thermocouple and Voltage Measurement Instrument
    EX1000A-TCDC 48-Channel Precision Thermocouple and Voltage Measurement Instrument, DC Powered
    EX1000A 48-Channel Precision Voltage Measurement Instrument
    EX1016A 16-Channel Precision Thermocouple, 32-Channel Precision Voltage Measurement Instrument
    EX1032A 32-Channel Precision Thermocouple, 16-Channel Precision Voltage Measurement Instrument
    EX1048A 48-Channel Precision Thermocouple Measurement Instrument
    EX1629 48-Channel High Performance Strain Gauge Measurement Instrument
    EX1200-3048 48 Channel, 300V/2A Mux
    EX1200-3604/3608 4/8 Channel, 400 kSa/s DAC/AWG
    EX1200-7500 64 Channel Digital I/O
    EX1262A EX1200 Series; 1/2 rack 1U LXI Instrument, 2 Slot with 6.5 Digit DMM
    EX1266A EX1200 Series; Full rack 1U LXI Instrument, 6 Slot with 6.5 Digit DMM
    EX1268A EX1200 Series; 3U LXI Class A Instrument, 16 Slot with 6.5 Digit DMM
    VT1432B 16-channel 102.4kSa/s 24-bit digitizer plus DSP
    VT1433B 8-channel 196 kSa/sec Digitizer plus DSP
    VT1435 8-channel 102.4kSa/s 24-bit digitizer plus DSP with built-in IEPE conditioning
    VT1436 16-channel 102.4kSa/s 24-bit digitizer plus DSP with built-in IEPE conditioning
    VT1413C 64-channels muxed to 16-bit 100KHz A/D
    VT1415A Algorithmic Closed Loop Controller
    VT1419A Multi-Function Measurement and Control
    VT1422A Remote Channel Multi-function DAC Module
    X-Modal III Modal analysis software with embedded data acquisition