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  • DC to 18 GHz
  • Designed for Applications that Require Continuous Signal During Power Cycles (example space and communications)
  • Up to 4 Latching Self-terminated 1x6 18 GHz Relays per SM7001L
  • Microwave Building Blocks are "Pluggable" from the Front of the VXIbus Card
  • Switches Include Indicator Circuitry for Real-time Status Feedback
  • An Additional 32 SPST Relays are Provided to Drive External Devices such as Attenuators

    The SM7001L is part of the SMIPII™ family, offering the extensive control and interfacing features provided by SMIPII™. Microwave relay technology has been pioneered to offer density, modularity and cost benefits.

    The SM7001L base unit can house up to 4 microwave 18 GHz latching, self-terminated multi-position relays. In order to drive additional RF/Microwave components, such as attenuators, 32 SPST relays (non-latching) are also provided per SM7001L.

    Each SP6T relay includes isolated indicator circuitry, allowing the status of the relays to be read directly via the VXI backplane. Even after power is cycled, this allows users to determine the relay position.

    The SM7001L can be easily modified to house alternative microwave building blocks and controlled using the same instrument drivers and control logic found throughout the SMIPII™ family. Since the combination of relays is vast, not all configurations have been listed. The 7374L relays are "pluggable" from the front, allowing them to be easily replaced for maintainability. They may be purchased separately for configuration growth during integration.


    Part number/model number Description
    SM7000D Single-slot Base Unit for Relays (holds up to 6 microwave building blocks)
    SM7000N Single-slot Base Unit for Relays (holds up to 6 microwave building blocks)
    SM7001A Self-Terminating 18 GHz Microwave Switch Base Unit
    SM7002-2 Two SP6T 40 GHz relays
    SM7002-3 Three SP6T 40 GHz relays
    SM7002-4 Four SP6T 40 GHz relays
    SM7012L 12 SPDT 20 GHz Latching Relays Terminated
    SM7013L 3 SPDT 20 GHz Latching Relays Terminated
    SM7016L 6 SPDT 20 GHz Latching Relays Terminated
    SM7100 4x4 20 GHz Non-Blocking Matrix
    SM7100-26 4x4 26.5 GHz Non-Blocking Matrix
    SM7100-S Custom VXI Microwave Assembly