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  • Ideal for Unit Under Test Loading or Simulation
  • 5 Watt High-density Programmable Load Module
  • Wide Resistance Range from 0.5 ohm to 1.5 M ohm
  • 0.1 ohm Step Size
  • Over-voltage, Over-current, and Over-temperature Sensing
  • External Voltage and Current Sense Outputs
  • Fail-safe Interrupt Input on Front Panels for Emergency Safety Conditions
  • VXIplug&play Drivers

    The SMP7600A is a single channel programmable precision load. It is designed for applications such as RTD or other sensor simulation, process control, ATE calibration, and device under test loading. The SMP7600A contains internal, high-precision 5 W power resistors that are switched in and out via mechanical relays. It is capable of producing any resistance value between 0.5 Ω to 1,500,000 Ω and can be adjusted in 0.1 Ω increments via external commands. It is designed for terminal voltages from 0 to 200 V DC and for currents up to 0.5 A.

    Part number/model number Description
    SMP1100 SMIP Single-Slot Base Unit (Holds Two Switch Modules)
    SMP1200 SMIP Double-Slot Base Unit (Holds up to Six Switch Modules)
    EX1200-7600 5W Programmable Resistor Ladder
    SMP7600A 5W Programmable Resistor Ladder
    EX1200-7008 Multichannel Glitch-free Universal RTD Simulator