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  • Twelve Groups of 8 I/O Bits Each
  • Up to 192 Channels per Single VXIbus C-size Slot
  • Register-based Data Access for Fast Data Throughput
  • SMIPII™ Memory used for Memory Backed Word Generator
  • Flexible Triggering and Handshaking Capability
  • High current capability - Ideal for driving external relays

    The SMP7500 is a high-performance I/O module with twelve groups of 8 bits (96 channels). Each group of 8 bits may be configured as an input or output under program control or via the front panel control line. The I/O may be either single buffered to provide real time data access or double buffered to provide synchronized data.

    The SMP7500 has the flexibility to source the input and output clocks from the front panel, allowing very large numbers of channels to be synchronized to collect or present data to a UUT. Additionally, the on-board SMIPII™ memory can be used to turn the SMP7500 into a memory backed word generator. In order to ease overall system cabling, all clamping diodes and open collector channels can be pulled up internally, rather than on a per-channel basis.

    Each channel can sink 300 mA, and includes built-in clamping diodes, making this module ideal for driving and sensing external devices such as relays. Additionally, for relay driving, the SMP7500 supports all key features of the SMIPII™ family such as, scan lists, timing delays etc.


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP1100 SMIP Single-Slot Base Unit (Holds Two Switch Modules)
    SMP1200 SMIP Double-Slot Base Unit (Holds up to Six Switch Modules)
    EX1200-7500 64-Channel, 2 MHz, Digital I/O
    VM1548 48-channel TTL I/O
    VM1548C 48-channel I/O, Open Collector
    EX1200-1538 Multifunction I/O Card with Enhanced Electronic Counter