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  • 96 digital lines configurable as either input or output
  • Five available power supply rails for custom designs
  • Mix and match with standard SMIP switching and digital I/O modules to create high density configurations
  • VXIplug&play driver simplifies software development
  • On-board connector header for simplified migration to PCB implementation
  • Access to 16 MHz clock for use in complex designs
  • Multiple front panel connector options

    The SMP7000 provides access to 96 digital I/O lines and five fused power rails for interfacing to user-defined logic. Custom designs can be laid out on the thru-hole pattern available on the breadboard space. A connector header is provided to facilitate migration of the custom design to a printed circuit board layout. This enables the use of multiple front panel I/O possibilities, ranging from 15p Dsub to 160p high-density DIN connectors. All 96 digital lines are mapped to VXI extended memory space for direct register access. API support is also provided through the standard SMIP VXIplug&play driver, reducing the time required for software development.


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP1100 SMIP Single-Slot Base Unit (Holds Two Switch Modules)
    SMP1200 SMIP Double-Slot Base Unit (Holds up to Six Switch Modules)
    SMP7000-15 SMIP Modular Prototyping breadboard with 15p DSub
    SMP7000-44 SMIP Modular Prototyping breadboard with 44p DSub
    SMP7000-62 SMIP Modular Prototyping breadboard with 62p DSub
    SMP7000-160 SMIP Modular Prototyping breadboard with 160p DIN