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  • High-density RF Tree (1x31)
  • Can be Mixed and Matched with Combiners/Splitters and other SMIPII Nodules to Create Application Specific Configurations
  • No Unterminated Stub Effects
  • 10W Maximum Switching Power
  • Excellent Crosstalk and Isolation Specifications

    The SMP6103 is a very high-density coaxial tree, and is designed for high-fidelity RF switching applications up to 750 MHz. Excellent crosstalk and isolation is maintained by using RF relays with bandwidths in excess of 2.0 GHz, along with short low-loss coaxial runs from the connector directly to the relays.

    All modules are also configured to avoid any unterminated stub effects, improving overall signal integrity and allowing for larger high-frequency multiplexer configurations while maintaining bandwidth and VSWR. The front panel contains two high-density, 26-pin coaxial connectors designed for high reliability and superior signal integrity.

    The SMP6103 is part of the SMIPII™ family and can be mixed and matched with other SMIPII™ modules to configure high-density switching systems. For example, approximately 180 50 ohm coaxial switch points can be switched within a double slot VXI card (SMP1200), providing exceptional density without degrading signal integrity.


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP1100 SMIP Single-Slot Base Unit (Holds Two Switch Modules)
    SMP1200 SMIP Double-Slot Base Unit (Holds up to Six Switch Modules)
    EX1200-6216 Dual (1x16), 1 GHz RF Multiplexer, 50 Ω
    EX1200-6216HV Dual (1 x 16) 250 MHz, 500 V Multiplexer