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  • Greater than 500MHz Bandwidths with Excellent Crosstalk and Isolation
  • Star Configurations Allow any Channel to be Connected to any other Channel
  • Ideal for General Purpose RF Switching with High Signal Fidelity
  • Optional 50 ohm Terminations (1/2 Watt)
  • 8 (1x4) Stars
  • 0.5A
  • 100V
  • 10W

    The SMP6004 and SMP6005 are RF switch modules designed as star configurations. A star switch allows any channel to be connected to any other channel. This configuration approach also allows for the creation of simple matrices (i.e. 4 x 1 x 4).

    For applications that require unswitched signal sources to be terminated into 50 ohm, optional 1/2 watt 50 ohm terminations can be provided. Both modules are configured to avoid any unterminated stub effects, and utilize high bandwidth RF relays.

    The SMP6004 and SMP6005 are part of the SMIPII™ family and can be mixed and matched with other SMIPII™ modules to configure high-density switching systems.


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP6001 10 (1x4) Coaxial Trees 900MHz, VXI
    SMP6002 17 (1x2) Coaxial Switches 900MHz
    SMP6004 3 (1x8) and 3 (1x2) Coaxial Stars 500MHz
    SMP6101 10 (1x4) Coaxial Trees 1.3GHz
    SMP6102 17 (1x2) Coaxial Switches 1.3GHz
    SMP6122 6 (2x2) Matrix 1.0GHz
    SMP6144 1 (4x4) Matrix 1.0GHz
    SMP6202 17 (1x2) Coaxial Switches - 75 Ohm Tree > 500 MHz
    SMP6103 1x31 RF Mux
    SMP6301 4 (1x4) Self-terminated >1.8 GHz (SMB Connectors)
    SMP4028 8 (2x8) Coaxial Matrix
    SMP4044 1 (8x20) Coaxial Matrix
    SMP6006 2 (1x16) Hi-Voltage Star Switches >250 MHz