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  • Greater than 900MHz Bandwidths with Excellent Crosstalk and Isolation
  • Can be Mixed and Matched to Create Application Specific Configurations
  • Ideal for General Purpose RF Switching with High Signal Fidelity
  • No Unterminated Stub Effects
  • 17 (1x2) Switches
  • 0.5A
  • 100V
  • 10W

    The SMP6001 high-density (1x4) coaxial tree and SMP6002 high-density (1x2) coaxial switch modules are designed for general purpose RF switching. The front panel contains two high-density, 26-pin coaxial connectors designed for high reliability and superior signal integrity. Excellent crosstalk and isolation is maintained by using RF relays, along with short low-loss coaxial runs from the connector directly to the relays. Both modules are also configured to avoid any unterminated stub effects.

    The SMP6001 and SMP6002 are part of the SMIPII™ family and can be mixed and matched with other SMIPII™ modules to configure high-density switching systems.


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP6001 10 (1x4) Coaxial Trees 900MHz, VXI
    SMP6004 3 (1x8) and 3 (1x2) Coaxial Stars 500MHz
    SMP6005 8 (1x4) Star Switches 500MHz
    SMP6101 10 (1x4) Coaxial Trees 1.3GHz
    SMP6102 17 (1x2) Coaxial Switches 1.3GHz
    SMP6122 6 (2x2) Matrix 1.0GHz
    SMP6144 1 (4x4) Matrix 1.0GHz
    SMP6202 17 (1x2) Coaxial Switches - 75 Ohm Tree > 500 MHz
    SMP6103 1x31 RF Mux
    SMP6301 4 (1x4) Self-terminated >1.8 GHz (SMB Connectors)
    SMP4028 8 (2x8) Coaxial Matrix
    SMP4044 1 (8x20) Coaxial Matrix
    SMP6006 2 (1x16) Hi-Voltage Star Switches >250 MHz