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  • Ideal for Instrument Matrix Switching
  • Front Panel Expandability to Larger Matrix Configurations
  • 1A Switching per Path
  • 50 Ohm Characteristic Impedance
  • Extensive Shielding Employed on PCB's for Excellent Signal Fidelity
  • VXIplug&play Drivers

    The SMP4044 series high-density matrix is designed for applications that require matrix switching in a shielded coaxial environment. This card provides the ability to connect any input to any output. It is ideally suited for signal routing and connection of arbitrary waveform sources, pulse generators and other stimulus and measurement instrumentation.

    Expandability was a key design goal with the SMP4044. The high density, modular architecture of the SMPII™ family provides the basis for extremely flexible and easily reconfigurable matrix switch systems. The front panel contains high-density modular coaxial connectors designed for high reliability and superior signal integrity.


    Part number/model number Description
    SM7100 4x4 20 GHz Non-Blocking Matrix
    SMP4001 9 (4x4) 2-Wire VXI Matrix, 2A per Channel
    SMP4002 1 (4x36) 2-Wire Matrix, 2A per Channel
    SMP4003 2 (4x16) 2-Wire and 1 (4x4) 2-Wire Matrices, 2A per Channel
    SMP4004 1 (8x16) 2-Wire and 1 (4x4) 2-Wire Matrices, 2A per Channel
    SMP4005 1 (12x12) 2-Wire Matrix, 2A per Channel
    SMP4006 3 (4x12) 2-Wire Matrices, 2A per Channel
    SMP4007 2 (8x8) 2-Wire Matrices and 1 (4x4) 2-Wire Matrices
    SMP4001-S User-defined Matrix, Built from 9 (4x4) Matrices
    SMP6122 6 (2x2) Matrix 1.0GHz
    SMP6144 1 (4x4) Matrix 1.0GHz
    SMP4028 8 (2x8) Coaxial Matrix
    SM7100-26 4x4 26.5 GHz Non-Blocking Matrix