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  • Highest Density 2-wire Matrix Available on the Market (4x216 in 2 VXIbus Slots)
  • Extensive Signal Shielding Employed on PCBs for Excellent Signal Fidelity
  • Matrices Built up Using 4x4 Building Blocks for Configuration Flexibility
  • 2A Switching per Path
  • 1 (12x12) 2-wire matrices
  • 300VDC
  • 60WDC, 125VA
  • More than 30 MHz Bandwidth

    The SMP4000 series high-density matrix modules allow the user to connect any row to any column. The smallest building block is a (4x4) 2-wire matrix, and rows and columns can easily be expanded to form larger matrices. A (4x216) 2-wire matrix can be accommodated in a double-slot VXIbus card (SM1200). Various configurations are shipped from the factory, and the user also has the capability to define a custom configuration using the available 9 (4x4) building blocks. Complete block diagrams for each configuration can be found in the SMIPII™ manual.


    Part number/model number Description
    SM7100 4x4 20 GHz Non-Blocking Matrix
    SMP4001 9 (4x4) 2-Wire VXI Matrix, 2A per Channel
    SMP4002 1 (4x36) 2-Wire Matrix, 2A per Channel
    SMP4003 2 (4x16) 2-Wire and 1 (4x4) 2-Wire Matrices, 2A per Channel
    SMP4004 1 (8x16) 2-Wire and 1 (4x4) 2-Wire Matrices, 2A per Channel
    SMP4006 3 (4x12) 2-Wire Matrices, 2A per Channel
    SMP4007 2 (8x8) 2-Wire Matrices and 1 (4x4) 2-Wire Matrices
    SMP4001-S User-defined Matrix, Built from 9 (4x4) Matrices
    SMP6122 6 (2x2) Matrix 1.0GHz
    SMP6144 1 (4x4) Matrix 1.0GHz
    SMP4028 8 (2x8) Coaxial Matrix
    SMP4044 1 (8x20) Coaxial Matrix
    SM7100-26 4x4 26.5 GHz Non-Blocking Matrix