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  • 24 independent 16-bit D/A converters per module
  • Up to 48 channels per single VXI slot, 144 channels in two slots
  • Programmable outputs per channel 0 – 35 V DC
  • Mix and match with other SMIP switching and I/O modules for maximum system flexibility
  • Up to 20 mA short circuit protection

    The SMP3620 provides 24 independent channels of digital to analog converters (DAC) with 16 bits of resolution. Each single-ended channel consists of an independent DAC that can be set within a range of 0 to 35 V DC without requiring an external power supply.

    The SMP3620 is ideal for avionics and automotive applications where multiple DC signals need to be generated with independent programmable levels.

    This module is part of the SMIP family of high-density switching and I/O instruments. It can be combined with one other SMIP series module in an SMP1100 single-slot carrier, or with up to five other modules in an SMP1200 dual-slot carrier to form a high-density, flexible VXIbus instrument.


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP3625 16-Channel 400 Hz Output
    CT-400 13-slot VXIbus Mainframe
    CT-100C 6-slot VXIbus Mainframe
    CT-310A 5-slot VXIbus Mainframe (for Rack and Portable Use)
    EX2500A LXI-VXI Gigabit Ethernet Slot-0 Interface