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  • High-density mutiplexing/scanning (1x768 in a VXI Double-slot)
  • Built-in Configuration Relays Expand the 1x16 Multiplexer Building Blocks
  • Extensive Signal Shielding Employed on PCBs for Excellent Signal Fidelity
  • Break-Before-Make (BBM) and Make-Before-Break (MBB) Accomplished in Hardware, Considerably Improving Scanning Time
  • 8 (1x16) 1-wire, 8 (1x8) 2-wire or 4x(1x8) 4-wiremultiplexer
  • 2A
  • 300VDC
  • 60WDC, 125VA
  • More than 100 MHz Bandwidth

    The SMP3001 high-density multiplexer module is designed for scanning of multiple points to a common bus, in either 1- 2- or 4-wire configurations, either synchronously with an instrument (i.e., using triggers), or asynchronously with individual relay control. Up to 384 2-wire (or 768 1-wire) channels can be accommodated in a double-slot VXIbus card (SMP1200) for maximum density, or mixed and matched with other SMIPII™ cards for flexibility. Applications include cable harness testing, semiconductor and PCB testing, and applications where multiple points need to be switched to a common resource. All relays also have individual relay control, and each path allows for 2A switching.

    The SMP3001 consists of 8 individual (1x8) 2-wire multiplexers, or 8 (1x16) 1-wire multiplexers that can be interconnected under program control (via the bussing relays) to configure larger multiplexers as required. This eliminates external wiring and helps reduce unterminated stubs. All relays are also driven from the VXIbus +5V supply line, since VXIbus mainframes always have ample current capacity on this supply line, as opposed to the +24V or +12V supply lines.


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP3002 16 (1x8) 1-wire VXI Multiplexer
    SMP3001DS 1x64 2-wire Multiplexer, Discharge capability
    SMP3005 12 (1x5) 2-wire Multiplexer
    SMP2007A 48-ch 1000V High Voltage Multiplexer
    SMP6103 1x31 RF Mux