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  • High Current Switching Capacity
  • High Breakdown Voltage (1,500V rms between open contacts)
  • Ideal for Switching AC or DC Power Supplies and High Current Sources

    The SMP2012, 30A switch module is designed for heavy-duty power switching requirements. This module is ideal for automating the signal switching and testing of motors, ballasts, or simple high-power AC or DC signal devices.

    Some useful applications for the SMP2012 include Automotive, Defense, and Home Appliance, and ATE systems. Since large power relays are used, these modules can only be configured in the SMP1100, but they may be mixed and matched with other modules. All SMIPII™ family modules can utilize the VXIbus TTL trigger lines to provide a fail-safe interrupt feature.

    Part number/model number Description
    SMP2001A 20 SPST 16A Power Switch or 10 DPST 16A, VXI Power Switch
    SMP2002A 12 SPDT 16A, VXI Power Switch
    SMP2003 12 SPST 20A Power Switch (SMP1100 Only)
    SMP2004 12 SPST 20A Power Switch (SMP1100 Only)
    SMP2005 3 SPDT & 3 SP4T 20A Power Switch (SMP1100 Only)
    SMP2008 16 SPDT 500V High-Voltage Relays
    SMP2009 16 SPDT 500V High-Voltage Relays
    SMP2104 10-Channel 20 A dc Solid State Switch
    SMP2300 24 SPST or 12 SPDT 500V, 2A Carry (50 Ohm)
    SMP2300-93 24 SPST or 12 SPDT 500V, 2A Carry (93 Ohm)
    SMP6006 2 (1x16) Hi-Voltage Star Switches >250 MHz
    SMP2007A 48-ch 1000V High Voltage Multiplexer