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  • High-density, High-voltage Multiplexer/Scanner (1x288 in a VXI Double-slot)
  • Built-in Configuration Relays Expand the 1x24 Multiplexer Building Blocks
  • Ideal for Hipot, Cable Breakdown, Source-Measure-Unit and Power Supply Switching
  • Extensive Signal Shielding Employed on PCBs for Excellent Signal Fidelity
  • Break-Before-Make (BBM) and Make-Before-Break (MBB) Accomplished in Hardware, Considerably Improving Scanning Time

    The SMP2007A is designed for scanning multiple high voltage points to a common bus in either 1- or 2-wire configurations, either synchronously with an instrument (i.e., using triggers), or asynchronously with individualrelay control. Up to 144 2-wire (or 288 1-wire) channels can be accommodated in a double-slot VXIbus card (SMP1200) for maximum density, or mixed and matched with other SMIPII™ cards for flexibility. Applications include Hipot or cable breakdown testing.

    When switching high voltages, the need for signal shielding becomes critical. The SMP2007A has been designed to include large shield planes to reduce crosstalk and voltage spikes to adjacent channels


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP3001 1x64 2-wire or 1x128 1-wire VXI Multiplexer
    SMP3002 16 (1x8) 1-wire VXI Multiplexer
    SMP3001DS 1x64 2-wire Multiplexer, Discharge capability
    SMP3005 12 (1x5) 2-wire Multiplexer
    SMP6103 1x31 RF Mux