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  • Large Switching Capacity in a Small Footprint
  • High Breakdown Voltage (1,000 Vrms between open contacts)
  • Ideal for Switching AC or DC Power Supplies and Current Sources
  • Fail-safe Interrupt Input on Front Panels for Emergency Safety Conditions
  • Combine with Other SMP Modules within a Single or Double Slot VXI Card
  • 12 SPDT 16A
  • 250VAC, 125VDC
  • 300W, 2000VA
  • More than 20 MHz Bandwidth

    The SMP2001A and SMP2002A 16 A switch modules are the first to break the 13 A switching barrier found on other VXI power switching cards. Up to 120 16 A SPST or 72 SPDT relays can be accommodated in two VXIbus card slots for maximum density, or mixed and matched with other SMIPII™ cards for flexibility. Some applications include: AC line power switching, switching of DC or AC power supplies, control or driving relays for industrial machines (robotics, numerical control machines), automotive engine control, and solenoid switching.

    All relays are driven from the VXIbus +5 V supply line since VXIbus mainframes always have ample current capability on this supply line, as opposed to the +24 V or +12 V supply lines. Since these modules typically switch power to the UUT or interface, a fail-safe interrupt input line is provided on the front panel that can open all relays automatically if a safety condition occurs. This approach instantly removes all power to the UUT or interface.


    Part number/model number Description
    SMP2001A 20 SPST 16A Power Switch or 10 DPST 16A, VXI Power Switch
    SMP2003 8 SPDT 20A Power Switch (SMP1100 Only)
    SMP2004 12 SPST 20A Power Switch (SMP1100 Only)
    SMP2005 3 SPDT & 3 SP4T 20A Power Switch (SMP1100 Only)
    SMP2008 16 DPST 500V High-Voltage Relays
    SMP2009 16 SPDT 500V High-Voltage Relays
    SMP2104 10-Channel 20 A dc Solid State Switch
    SMP2012 10 SPST 30A Power Switch (SMP1100 Only)
    SMP2300 24 SPST or 12 SPDT 500V, 2A Carry (50 Ohm)
    SMP2300-93 24 SPST or 12 SPDT 500V, 2A Carry (93 Ohm)
    SMP6006 2 (1x16) Hi-Voltage Star Switches >250 MHz
    SMP2007A 48-ch 1000V High Voltage Multiplexer