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  • The industry's first differential 14-bit DSO and frequency domain digitizer
  • 20 MHz bandwidth - ideal for IF and HF frequencies
  • Up to 20 MSa/s sample rate with pre and post trigger capability
  • 16 MSa memory standard / 32 MSa memory optional
  • Software selectable low pass filter
  • Automatic pulse parameter measurements
  • Up to three independent channels per C-size card
  • Auto re-arm capability for storing multiple waveforms with pre-trigger data
  • Sleep mode reduces power consumption when not in use
  • Dual channel synchronization for precise I/Q sampling

    The model VM2603 is the industry's first high-resolution, high-speed digitizer. Designed as a waveform digitizer (DSO), it has a true differential or single-ended 14-bit input (channel A), and a frequency domain digitizer (IF receiver) with a dedicated RF input channel (channel B). The VM2601/2/3 all have built-in automatic test functions, making them ideal for applications in medical, automotive, semiconductor, avionics, and communications test. These are message-based devices, with SCPI command sets, allowing for ease of programming, but also providing direct register access for fast data throughput. A robust VXIplug&play driver is provided to further simplify programming tasks.

    This module is part of the VMIP™ family of instruments and can be combined with up to two other modules (i.e., 6.5 digit DMM, 50 MSa/s AWG, 1 ns counter/timer) to form a high-density VXIbus instrument. Three VM2601/2/3s can be installed in a single-wide C-size module giving 3 independent 80 MSa/s digitizer channels


    Part number/model number Description
    VM2601      80MSa/s 14-bit Digitizer/IF Receiver
    VM2602      40MSa/s 14-bit Digitizer/IF Receiver